PWC’s primary objective was to generate widespread awareness about three crucial and rapidly emerging subjects: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, and Cloud Technology. These topics represent the most pressing challenges faced by companies in today’s dynamic business landscape.

To achieve this goal, Mobile Journey played a pivotal role in assisting PWC in effectively reaching the Dutch C-suites through various communication channels. By leveraging a multifaceted approach, Mobile Journey collaborated with PWC to disseminate comprehensive information and insights on AI, Cybersecurity, and Cloud tech. The campaign’s diverse channels allowed us to reach key decision-makers and executives, ensuring that the vital message reached the right audience.

The result was a compelling and professional awareness campaign that highlighted the significance of these subjects and equipped C-suite professionals with the knowledge needed to make informed strategic decisions for their organizations. Through Mobile Journey’s expert assistance, PWC successfully raised awareness and contributed to a more secure and technology-forward business landscape in the Netherlands.

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